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Spring 2001 




table of contents 

page 23 Campaign Update: 
Message from the 
Lasell 150 Co-Chairs 

Donor Profile: 

A Birthday Surprise for 

Marguerite Boyd Greene '30 

page 24 Volunteer Profile: 

Sesquicentennial Co-Chair 
Nancy Curtis Grellier '49 
Awaits the Celebration 
and Looks Beyond 

Lasell Meets Kresge 
Foundation Challenge Grant 
Ahead of Schedule 

Board Dedications and 
Festivities Kick Off 
Sesquicentennial Year 

Lasell College's year-long celebration of its 150th birthday 
began on campus in mid-October with a two-day event 
honoring the College's volunteer leadership. 

Lasell Village Board Chairman RoseMary B. Fuss and Lasell Village Executive Director Jim 
Wingardner unveil a caricature of Dr. Margaret Ward being served cafe au lait by President 
de Witt at the dedication of Margaret's Cafe in Lasell Village. 

Trustees, overseers and corporators 
came together to dedicate five facilities 
named for Campaign donors, to tour and 
chat with students in the newest residence 
hall, "The Suites," to attend Lasell's annual 
Recognition Dinner, to enjoy a progressive 
cocktail party at the units of two Overseers 
who reside in Lasell Village — and to meet 
regarding College governance for this final 
year of the Lasell 150 Campaign. 

The festivities commenced with a 
breakfast dedication of Margaret's Cafe in 
Lasell Village, named in honor of Dr. 
Margaret E. Ward. President de Witt gave 
this meaningful gift to his wife in celebra- 
tion of their 25th wedding anniversary. 
Overseer Marjorie Westgate Doran '37, a 
resident of the Village, said at the dedica- 
tion, "I think anyone who lives at Lasell 
Village will enjoy eating at Margaret's Cafe, 
but I don't think anyone will enjoy it more 
than I, when I think about the wonderful 
woman for whom it is named. Thank you, 
Margaret, for being such a good friend and 

such a shining example to us all. Happy 
25th anniversary, Margaret and Tom!" 

The long-awaited dedication of Spence 
House on Vista Avenue followed. Overseer 
Priscilla Spence Hall '43 and her husband, 
Allen, made two generous gifts through a 
charitable remainder trust to the Lasell 150 
Campaign, and the College was pleased to 
name the house, formerly known as Vista 
House, in their honor. Dean of Students 
Diane Austin spoke at the dedication and 
noted the special meaning behind the 
name. "In choosing to name this residence 
Spence House, Mrs. Hall is honoring her 
paternal grandmother, a doctor of chiro- 
practic who lived and worked in New York 
City almost 100 years ago. As an educated, 
professional woman, she was clearly a trail- 
blazer. It was this woman — Mrs. Hall's 
grandmother — who bequeathed to 
Priscilla Spence Hall the monies that 
enabled her to attend Lasell as a student." 

see FESTIVITIES, continued on page 22 


1 |1^50 Spring 2001 

FESTIVITIES, continued from page 2 1 

Trustee Kathleen Hegenbart was hon- 
ored next at a cocktail reception on the 
Hegenbart Track in the Lasell College 
Athletic Center. Director of Athletics 
Kristy Walter presented Mrs. Hegenbart 
with a Lasell College Athletics Department 
tee shirt and running shorts to great 
applause. President de Witt said, "Given 
her athletic bent, it should come as little 
surprise that Kathleen was key in persuad- 
ing me to include this track in the plans for 
the Athletic Center. It is now only fitting 
that this track bears her name in recogni- 

tion for her generosity to the Lasell 150 

Lunch the following day was held in a 
cheerful, striped tent just outside the newly 
dedicated Klingbeil House. Named in hon- 
or of Trustee Susan Slocum Klingbeil '45 
and Overseer William Klingbeil, Klingbeil 
House at 142 Woodland Road is the offi- 
cial home of the Office of Institutional 
Advancement (Alumni Relations, 
Communications, and Development). Mr. 
and Mrs. Klingbeil are co-chairs of the 
Lasell 150 Campaign's Planned Giving 

A. Overseer Priscilla Spence Hall '43 (far left) looks on while President de Witt and Lasell 1 50 
Campaign Director Katharine Urner '83 unveil the new name on Spence House. 

Committee and established a charitable 
remainder trust in support of the 
Campaign. During the dedication, Mrs. 
Klingbeil said, "To give to an institution 
such as Lasell College is a true pleasure and 
joy. Our heartfelt congratulations to Tom 
de Witt for his wisdom, creativity, and 
willingness to 'take a chance.' " 

Just next door to Klingbeil House 
stands the attractively renovated Saunders 
House, named in honor of the late Helen 
M. Saunders '17, a former Trustee and 
Lasell Medallion recipient. Overseer 
Coleman Casey, Trustee of the Helen M. 
Saunders Charitable Foundation, joined in 
the festivities during the dedication of this 
home now bearing the name of a most 
generous Lasell alumna and the founda- 
tion that continues to provide leadership- 
level support to the College. At the dedica- 
tion, Dean of Students Diane Austin said, 
"I like to think that the naming of this 
beautiful Victorian home which serves as a 

residence to 21 of our students is the per- 
fect means of honoring the memory of 
Miss Helen Saunders and her life-long 
dedication to this institution. This build- 
ing existed when she was a student here, 
and though it has changed somewhat over 
the years, it retains its classic profile and is 
for us a source of beauty and continuity." 

As the two-day Board kick-off of 
Lasell's Sesquicentennial year came to a 
close, trustees, overseers, corporators and 
guests gathered together in the lovely yet 
strikingly different Lasell Village homes of 
Overseer Antoinette Ruinen Stapper '56 
and Trustee Erik Stapper, and Overseer 
Marjorie Westgate Doran '37. Indeed, 
there was an air of quiet jubilation as 
Lasell's volunteer leadership looked back 
over the years at all that had been accom- 
plished — and looked forward to the 
opportunities facing a vibrant Lasell in the 

▲ President de Witt and Director of Athletics Kristy Walter (far left) join Kathleen and Joseph 
Hegenbart and family guests in the dedication of the Hegenbart Track. 

▲ Overseer Coleman Casey helps President de Witt unveil the Saunders name 
at the Saunders House dedication honoring Helen M. Saunders '17. 

▲ Overseer William Klingbeil and President de Witt join in Trustee Susan Slocum Klingbeil's toast "to the 
continued success to all Lasell — faculty and students — in the 21st century" at the dedication of 
Klingbeil House. 


22 "TQfl spring 2001 

EDITOR'S NOTE: In the interest of protecting the privacy of our alumni, it is the policy 
of the Alumni Affairs Office not to divulge alumni addresses, e-mail addresses or phone 
numbers unless it has been verified that the request is from another alumnus. 

The content of Class Notes is based on material submitted to Lasell College's Alumni 
Office. Due to the large number of submissions, Lasell is unable to verify the factual content 
of each entry and is not responsible for erroneous material. 

Because of the possibility of unexpected changes, we do not publish bridal engagements, 
or, in general, future events, but will be delighted to announce weddings and those events 
that have already taken place. 

The Class Notes printed in this issue were received by December 15, 2000 and notes 
received after that date will appear in the next issue. If you wish to have a photograph 
returned, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. 

Please send your news to your Class Secretary or to the Alumni Office at 1844 
Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, MA 02466-2716 



Florence Boehmcke Edmondson is looking forward to 
turning 97 years of age. She has been living on Hilton Head 
Island for 17 years. 


Katherine Kelley Gaul was 96 last May. "How did I 
get to be so old? The wonderful changes and growth at 
Lasell are amazing." 


Ruth Hutton enjoys seeing news in the 1927 class notes. 
She would love to hear from anyone who lives in her area. 

Elizabeth Selkirk Chipps and her husband will be cel- 
ebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. 


Jane Gray Kellogg sends her best wishes to Lasell 
College on its 150-year birthday. She wishes she could be 
at the celebration. 

Marjorie Parrish Green enjoyed the reunion at the 
Tarpon Springs Yacht Club and sends thanks to hostess 
Henrietta Hisgen Campbell '28. She likes living in her new 
condo in Marysville, Ohio. 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Ruth Rohe Smith will be thinking of everyone at Lasell 
on its 150th anniversary. "I'd love to make the trip, but age 
is catching up." 


Camilla Roy Jewett says "Life has been good to me. I 
still enjoy my church, garden club and many small-town 

Elinor Small Domina says, "If s a whole new world 
out there with the class of '32 almost 'nil.' However, I am 
still interested in lots of things but do have limitations." 

Althea Ward Weatherhead enjoys visiting her great- 
grandchildren from Alaska. She still keeps in touch with 
Jeanne Price Crye. 


Laura Dietz Rudginsky went to Florida recently to vis- 
it with her sister, Norma Dietz Tarlow '44. While there, 
they both visited with Nonie Lederman Carroll '45. "I play 
lots of bridge and go to the symphony." 

Amorette Larchar Skilton — "I am enjoying life in a 
retirement home, keeping busy with swimming, bridge 
and my family." 

Louise Newell Audette is involved with her church 
and the DAR. "My monthly visits to a local nursing home 
to play the 'old-time tunes' on the piano for our sing-a- 
longs brings much happiness to me and the residents." 

Ruth Stafford Clark and Karen Gill, the director of 
Alumni Affairs, sat together this past November at the Lasell 
CT Valley alumni luncheon. Ruth shared many good Lasell 


v -•- * / 

jjfv ; ' ■'- M 


k V 





Heidi Watkins Helwig '96, a new member of Lasell's 
Board of Overseers, and her grandparents, Adelaide 
Shaffer Van Winkle '36 and Arthur D. Van Winkle. 

memories and Karen encouraged her to write some of her 
stories for the "Those Were the Days" memories project. 
Please look for her story in this issue of the Lasell heaves, on 
page 16. 


Mabelle Hickcox Camp 

135 Pomperaug Woods, Southbury, CT 06488-1873 

Carol Morehouse Jones 

108 Brynwood Drive, Easton, PA 18045-2205 

Mary Fitch Huggett has moved to Wisconsin with her 
younger son, and spends most of the winter in Atlanta, 
with her older son. 

Alice Floyd Rice — "Still working six days a week at 
85!" In the summer, Alice enjoys working in her garden, 
which is often open to the public. 

Helen Gibbs Dodd winters in Florida and goes north 
in the summer to visit her family. 

Marjorie Jones Joslyn keeps busy with her grand and 
great-grandchildren, singing in the church choir, playing 
bridge, and serving as president of the Women's Club. She 
is very happy living in a retirement community. 

Celia Kinsley Percival is planning on attending the 
150th celebration this year. She had a delightful time at the 
Sarasota alumni event. 


Emilie Farnsworth — "I keep up with Lasell news 
through my good friend, Priscilla Winslow, whom I have 
known since our Woodland Park days." 

Denise Gile Arnold — "At age 87, what can be new? 
Mort and I are well and keep busy. I'm in touch with many 
35ers, thank goodness!" 

Gertrude Heath Kehoe — "Sorry I missed the 65th 
reunion, but was attending my grandson's graduation 
from the Air Force Academy which was absolutely 

Faith Kent has been working since retirement as a 
part-time library assistant in Lancaster, NH. 

Barbara Ordway Brewer is enjoying learning about the 
TV audio department from her grandson, who is in charge 
of the Fox Channel, in Dedham. 

We send our deepest condolences to Charlotte Barnes 
Davidson, whose husband, John, passed away after a long 



MAY 17-20, 2001 

Phyllis Gunn Rodgers 

80 Top Hill Road, Saunderstown, RI 02874-3236 

Hildegarde Baxter Perkins continues to drive 1,900 
miles from Florida to Maine twice a year. She recently was 
published in the "New Century Voices, an Anthology of 
Selected Prose and Poetry." "Bili" was also the featured 
speaker at the University of Maine, in Orono. She present- 
ed at the Charles F. Allen Society luncheon. She is looking 
forward to her 65th reunion in 2001. 

Our condolences to Europa Harris Sherburne, whose 
husband passed away in June of 1999. 

We send our deepest sympathy to Ruth Koritzky 
Kopelman whose son passed away last year from lung 

Dorothy Paine Chaucer — "Greetings to all on this 
very special occasion. At 84, it's not easy to plan ahead, but 
will try to make some 150th events!" 

Ruth Upham Petremont's oldest granddaughter was 
married and her youngest granddaughter was just accept- 
ed to college. 


Anne Campbell Terrill enjoys church groups, working 
in her flower gardens and taking trips to Maryland, 
Delaware, and Florida. 

Irene Dreissigacker Brimlow — "I'll try to be with you 
in May to help celebrate Lasell's 150th birthday and my 
63rd class reunion." Irene hopes to see some of her Lasell 
friends there. 

Deborah Sweet King — "I am busier than I ever 
thought I would be at 83! My life goes merrily along doing 
quilting, attending quilt shows and garden club." 

Virginia Webb Tompkins visited her daughter, Ginna 
Tompkins Liprini '80, and her husband in Capetown, 
South Africa and other family members in Sausalito, CA 
and Florida. 


Arlene Wishart Sylvester 

81 Woodland Road, Auburndale, MA 02466-2332 

Elizabeth Lloyd Fritch planned to travel to Germany 
for the "Passion Play," then on to Austria and Prague. 

^u 33^> 


Faye Wadhams Smith '38, Susan Kent Iriarte and 
Florence Kent Parks '38 during a recent visit to 
Hartford, CT. 


Class Notes 

Audrey Slawson Drake keeps in touch with Faye 
Wadhams Smith, Jean Randall Dockham, Evelyn Bang, 
and Margaret Magner Youngblood. 



Louisa Clark Harrington 

399 Lexington Street, Waltham, MA 02452-0933 

Margaret Schneider Thieringer — "The years have 
slipped by all too fast. 1 still remember the fun-filled days 
at Woodland and then Gardner — from the '38 hurricane 
until the old "crows nest" at graduation in '39." 


Patricia Sleeper Sterling 

50 Neuyort Road #53, New London, NH 03257-4228 

Sybil Hartley Eshbach — "My retirement years are 
pleasant - enjoying family, friends and sports — I am the 
spectator when it comes to sports, ha-ha." 

Elizabeth Carlisle Holmberg — "We had a wonderful 
60th reunion!" 

Carolyn McCarty Springer is expecting her fifth grand- 
child and already has five great-grandchildren. She enjoys 
gardening, genealogy and working on the computer. 

Barbara Quirk donated two pieces of her sculpture, 
"Boudicca" and "Lady Godiva" to Lasell in honor of her 
60th reunion. We thank her for her generosity. 

Florence Ross Summerhays and her husband recently 
welcomed twin great-grandchildren. She is still involved 
with the Meals on Wheels program, line dancing, family 
genealogy and enjoys visiting her family. 

Shirley Van Wart Dane — "Still have my health, origi- 
nal husband, antique business and spend our winters in 
Sarasota, FL." 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Virginia DeNyse 

77 Crosslands Drive, Kennett Square, PA 19348-2012 

Our sincere condolences to Marie MacGregor 
Woodward on the death of her husband, Walter, who 
passed away in August 2000. 

To Dorothy Macomber Vannah who lost her husband 
of 52 years this past June, we send our condolences. She 
hopes to be back on campus to celebrate her 60th reunion 
in May. 


Dorothy Mosher Stone 

5 Mainsail Circle, P. O. Box 483, Mashpee, MA 02649 

Our deepest sympathy to Barbara Collester Moore on 
the death of her husband in 1999. They had been married 
for 57 years. Barbara continues to volunteer at the hospital 
ambulatory recovery room and the local thrift shop. 

Jessie Dobson Salmon recently welcomed a new great- 
granddaughter. "Still traveling to England, Scotland and 
enjoyed the Passion Play in Germany." 

Shirley Egglefield Royal moved from Florida into an 
assisted living facility. "I love it, surrounded by the high 
peaks of the Adirondacks." 

Louise Freeman Coombs visited Ruth Mosher Porter 
in Virginia, while enroute to her condo in Naples, FL. 
"Wonderful reminiscing old Lasell times." 

Our condolences to Barbara Leonard Wiser on the 
passing of her husband, Joe. They had been married for 52 
years. Barbara's granddaughter is currently a sophomore at 

Barbara McDowell Lee moved from Florida to 
California last year. "Love it here, near family." 

Dorothy Mosher Stone and her husband have moved 
to a condo in Southport, MA. They keep busy with their fif- 
teen grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. 

Sarah Nolan Williams' husband passed away in June 
of 1999 and we send our sympathy. "College and high 
school graduations keep me busy. Hope to get back to our 
60th class reunion in 2002." 

The Lasell community was deeply saddened by the 
passing of Richard A. Crosby, husband of Trustee Emeritus 
Ruth Turner Crosby, in Newton ville September 10, 2000. 
Dick was an active supporter of Lasell. He and Ruth's gift 
to the Winslow Renovation Project will be celebrated in 
May, with the dedication of the Crosby Faculty Reception 
Area in the new Winslow Academic Center. 

Mary Ledbetter Bastean 

22525 4th Street East, Treasure Island, FL 33706-4433 

La Verne Atno Olson and her husband planned to 
move to a retirement center in November. 

Our deepest sympathy to Gertrude Baninger Duquette 
and her family, whose grandson died in February. Her 
daughter, Mary Lou Duquette '73, is a Rotary Interact 
Advisor, and they traveled to Hawaii, Australia and New 

Frances Church Deering — "I am retired and enjoying 
a restful life." She plays bridge, is involved with her church 
and walks two miles every day. 

Virginia Collins Canavan enjoyed the Cape Cod lun- 
cheon and learning all the great news about Lasell's future. 

Jane Cook Cardoza stills works part time and was 
planning to cruise to Acapulco in October. 

Eloise Mof fett Harper is willing to host a luncheon for 
the Treasure Coast, FL alumni. 

Ann Preuss Gillerlain is involved in a garden club and 
horticultural therapy. 

Kathleen Sharp Montgomery spent a month last summer 
traveling in her motor home. She visited Ruth Meyrowitz 
Shaw and Janet Montgomery Farrand in Sarasota. 

Elaine Towne Burlingame enjoys going to the YMCA 
five days a week. 


Jean Campbell 

84 Laurel Street, Fairhaven, MA 02719 

Elaine Curtiss-Dillon — "My children and grand-chil- 
dren are healthy — what else matters?" 

Claire LeComte Roy and her husband spent a month in 
Ireland, a 50th wedding anniversary present from their 


Nonie Lederman Carroll 

Tres Vidas Townhouse #16E, 2335 South Ocean Boulevard, 
Palm Beach, FL 33480 

Nancy Bacon Johnson and her husband became great- 
grandparents in 1999. She attended her 55th reunion. 

Barbara Bimbaum Green and husband, Jim, attended 
Reunion Weekend last June and had a great time. "Pops 
and the lobster dinner were highlights. We took a 10-day 
trip to Maine and New Hampshire and visited with 
Henrietta Sharpe Smith." 

Ann Broadhead Johnson sends her best wishes to 
Lasell and her classmates on their 55th reunion. "Life is 

Ann Carlin Schofield — "After 40 years in our home in 
Connecticut, we pulled up stakes. We are very happy in a 
condo at the Lake Sunapee Golf Club, in New London, 

Dorothy Domina Willard and her husband recently 
celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with all of their 
family, "What a happy day!" She also enjoyed the 
Vermont alumni gathering. 

Priscilla Dow Brown has led a very eventful life these 
past five years, "but we do eat our Wheaties." She misses 
keeping in touch with her Lasell friends, but hopes to 
improve on that soon. 

Jean Henry Goggins travels across the U.S. to visit 
family. She still plays bridge, golf, and volunteers. 

Barbara Preuss Reynolds loves living in Pennsylvania. 

Drucilla Roberts Bickford is trying to join the "Y" 
generation and become computer literate. "It's confusing, 
but I'm determined." 

Virginia Rolfe Guy, her husband, and daughter recent- 
ly returned from Borneo. They spend their winters in 
Tucson, AZ. 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Marilyn Blodgettt Williamson 

60 Ledgelawn Ave., Lexington, MA 02420-3449 

Betty Scrimgeour Williams is working part-time for 
Tim Janis, a well-known composer and musician. "More 
fun than property management!" 

Joan Walker Runge is enjoying life in Sarasota, FL. 
"A big change from island living." 

Barbara Weeks Dow is busy with all of her clubs and 
ballroom dancing. She keeps in touch with her "junior" 
sister, Jean Morgan Koenitzer '47. 

Congratulations to Mary Zanleoni Goyette on receiv- 
ing the 2000 Greater Nashua Outstanding CareGiver 

For those of you who remember Betty Gallup (who 
died in 1968), her daughter (who was adopted shortly 
after birth) is seeking remembrances of her. If you have 
any stories to share, please contact Deborah Graham, 
10 Bayhill Court, Blackwood, NJ 01012, (856) 232-7134, 


Gloria Sylvia Paolella 

34 Kate's Path, Yarmouth Port, MA 02675-1448 

For those who remember Betty Gallup (who died in 
1968) her daughter (who was adopted shortly after birth) is 
seeking remembrances of her. If you have any stories to 
share, please contact Deborah Graham, 10 Bayhill Court, 
Blackwood, NJ 01012, (856) 232-7134, 

Jeanne Franklin Bates will be spending her summers 
on the Cape in Dennis and her winters in Naples, FL. 

Mary-Ida Hanson Olson keeps busy with her legisla- 
tive work. She recently went to Ireland and Peru, where 
she enjoyed climbing and rafting. 

"Still alive and kicking," said Phyllis Haviland 

Linda Koempel Tompkins recently traveled to Alaska 
and had an "incredibly wonderful trip." She enjoys sailing, 
volunteering at church, visiting friends and family and 
serving as a museum docent. 

Frances Oden Werly loves helping her daughter with 
her twins and 3-year-old boy. "What a whirlwind!" She 
planned on spending Christmas in Oregon with her 
daughter and older grandsons. 

Our deepest sympathy goes to Dorothy Papani Palmer, 
whose husband passed away. 

Lois Seidel Newell is "still plugging along." She is 
involved with her church and community and sends her 
best wishes to the class of '47. 

Priscilla Stone Hird and her husband recently celebrat- 
ed their 50th wedding anniversary in Florida with many 
family and friends. Last April she met with Barbara 
Somerville Black, "our first reunion in over 45 years. 
Seemed like we'd seen each other yesterday!" 

Gloria Sylvia Paolella celebrated her 50th reunion 
from Connecticut College. She and husband, John, enjoy 
living much of the time on the Cape, but still maintain a 
residence in New York. They travel back and forth in their 
plane and also take day trips to Nantucket and Martha's 
Vineyard. Gloria enjoys gardening the old-fashioned way 
as well as "water pond gardening complete with beautiful 
fish and flowering plants." 

Jane Upton Patten attended her 50th reunion in 1997. 
She and her former roommate, Rosemarie Cote Butler 
stayed together. Jane said it was as if they had never been 
separated. Since retiring from her job as regional director 
of TOPS Club Inc. in 1998, she and her husband enjoy 
traveling in their RV. 


Nancy Larsen Bailey 

135 Exeter Road, Hampton, NH 03842-1908 

Elaine Burrell King's granddaughter, Amber King, 
is a freshman at Lasell this year. 

Irma Lipsitt Wolfe and her husband recently moved 
from New York to South Dartmouth, MA, where they are 
involved in community activities. "We enjoy all our visits 
to Lasell and are very proud to be part of Lasell's progress 
in the educational world." 

Ann Myers Beck moved into a condo eight miles from 
where she used to live. She loves having everything on one 
floor. Ann would like to know if anyone is living in the 
Salem, OH area. 

Our deepest condolences to Dorothy Page Kuehl, on 
the death of her husband. 

Barbara Snook Haggerty went to Pennsylvania recent- 
ly, where she visited her former roommate, Mary Detwiler 

Beverly Splitt Keller and her husband are enjoying liv- 
ing at the Cypress of Charlotte, a retirement community. 

Shirley Thorne Brady has three grandchildren and still 
goes surf fishing at Fish Seaside Park. Shirley also enjoys 
bridge, church, gardening, crafts, and her involvement in 
the Environmental Commission. "Wish more gals from 
Gardner would send in news." 

Doris Trefny Iandoli just had three major surgeries 
and is now home recovering. "Would love to hear from 
Irma Lipsitt Wolfe." 

Lucile Tucker Anderson and her husband, Jim, will be 
celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in June 2001. 

Class Notes 



Nancy Lawson Donahue 

52 Belmont Avenue, Lowell, MA 01852-2865 

Jane Alford Young had planned to visit Lasell in 
August 2000. 

Elizabeth Harrington Logan is currently living in St. 
Augustine, FL and would love to hear from any of the 
'49ers who are in the area. 

Martha Hurd Davenport visited with her nine grand- 
children this past summer. She continues volunteering at 
Red Cross blood drives and on the Council on Aging in 
her town. 

Pamela Johns Barry and her husband have been travel- 
ing a lot this year. "Life has been very good to us and we 
are trying to enjoy every moment to the fullest." 

Natalie Knight Rogers has four daughters, 12 grand- 
children, and 11 great-grandchildren. After a year of per- 
sonal loss, she and her sister took a two-week trip to 

We send our deepest condolences to Nancy 
Macdonough Jennings on the death of her husband in 
December, 1999. 

Barbara Milne Lynch writes "met with Jane Alford 
Young, her husband, family and friends to celebrate their 
50th wedding anniversary in Georgia." 

Boydes Wilson Smith went to Italy for two weeks in 
September with her husband. 

Barbara Schnelle Orton tells us that her 
grandchildren range in age from kindergarten 
to college age. 

Jean Stearns Gorman has seven grandchil- 
dren; the oldest one was married this past 
spring. Last April, Jean met up with two Lasell 
classmates in Florida: Virginia Hibbert Weldon 
and Joan Antun Rednor. 

Jacquelyn Temperley Jennings was plan- 
ning to spend Christmas in Ireland with her 
family. She hoped to travel to Spain and 
England this past spring. She continues her 
poetry and now has three poems in the Library 
of Poetry. 

Carmen Welch Clark and her husband took 
a three-week vacation to the Canadian Rockies. 
She also went to two family reunions, one in 
Seattle, WA, and the other in San Francisco, CA. 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Libbie Fleet Glazer 

94 Fairfield Street, Lowell, MA 01851-3911 

Lynn Blodgett Williamson '46 and Joan Howe Weber '51 mark 
their place in history beside the Lasell College Sesquicentennial 
Time Line. 

(From left to right): Janet Bell Luening, Marilyn Hubner Sherwood, Joyce Davies 
Harrison, Joan Robilotto Gibson, Jean Davies Stanley, Carolyn Snook Rauscher, 
Nancy Wilson, and Margot Bergstrom Semonian at their 50th reunion. 


Nancy Bean Lord 

771 Camden Road, Hope, ME 04847 

Margot Bergstrom Semonian loves her house on the 
Cape. She has four daughters and five grandsons. Her 
daughter, Nancy Semonian Mclnerney '86, has 3- year-old 

Janet Deutsch Bogue says, "We are selling our dream 
home on the pristine Rainbow River. We feel it's best for us 
now to be where our family is in the Northeast." 

Margaret Hawes Rogers expected the arrival of her 
tenth grandchild last June. 

Carolyn Judd Hayes was sorry to have missed the 
reunion but was recuperating from an illness. She and her 
husband have celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary. 

Our sincere condolences to Elizabeth Kerrivan 
Davidson on the death of her husband, Frank. 

Elizabeth Maclnnes Deal planned to move and down- 
size her home last November after her husband entered a 
nursing home. 

Marilyn Munson Farrar still keeps in touch with 
Marilyn Caterson Zimmerman. 

Anne Nettleship Teets has been doing a lot of traveling 
this past year. She took a two-week trip to Portugal and 
Spain, and a cruise to France. She also enjoyed visiting 
with her family. 

Jean Ostrander Lowman has retired from her work as a 
medical transcriptionist. She is happy to report that her 
family is healthy and doing well. 

Jacqueline Paulding Hauser would like to thank all of 
the 48 people who attended the 50th reunion. Everyone 
there had a great time! 

Joan Robilotto Gibson and her husband, Jay, enjoy 
cruising and take at least one per year. They especially 
enjoy the Far East, and Singapore in particular. This year 
they are planning two cruises to Europe. Her children and 
grandchildren are all well and busy. 

Joan Kearney Cormay and her husband spend three win- 
ter months in Naples, FL. Joan visited with Norma Appleyard 

who is currently working at Brigham & Women's Hospital. 

Joan's sister-in-law, Edie Taccone Kearney and her husband 

celebrated their 50th anniversary in November. Joan planned 
to visit Nancy Mitchell Quinn in 
St. Petersburg, FL. 

Priscilla Freeman McCartney 
has retired and hopes to do some 
traveling to visit her children and 
grandchildren, who live in 
Arizona, California and 

Alice Pittenger was quite 
saddened to read of the death of 
Ben Doran in the last issue of the 
Lasell Leaves.. His wife, Marjorie 
Westgate Doran '37, suggested 
Lasell College to her, almost 60 
years ago. Alice reported that 
she "will definitely be on board 
for my 50th and Lasell's 150th in 

Peggyanne Riker Miller is 
"looking forward to seeing all 
her classmates at reunion." 

Our sincere condolences to 
Marion Stupak Bouchie on the 
death of her son, Christopher, 
who suffered with multiple scle- 
rosis. She writes that a tribute was given to him by UMass 

Boston as an inspiration to other handicapped students. 

Marion hopes to journey to 

Moscow and St. Petersburg this 

year to reunite with her 

Russian friends. She will also 

visit the Ukraine to find her 

father's birthplace. "I still 

teach in Cambridge and attend 

auctions in Boston and New 

York. My home is full of 

antiques. I've been selling on 

E-BAY and privately." 

Janet Woodward Powers 

just had her 29th grandchild! 

The entire family came out to 

visit them in Hawaii last year 

for the millenium. She was 

planning to cruise with her 

family in California. 

Beverly Pink Reynolds and 

her husband took a 10,300 mile 

driving trip to Alaska last year. 

She encourages everyone to 

"come to the reunion and hear 

all about it! Can't wait!!" 

Marjorie enjoys travel, her lake home and her grandchil- 

Bernardine Gill Smith took a two-week trip to Hawaii 
last year. "New Jersey was never like this." 

Virginia Snedaker Marschall and her husband trav- 
eled to Florida and New Zealand this past year. They 
attended high school reunions in New York and 
Connecticut and his college reunion in Oregon. 

Joyce Wardle Chapman recently met with some of her 
old Lasell friends. They had a three-day Briggs House 
reunion in June, held at the Cape home of Ruth Easterlind 
Cederberg. Thirteen of the original fourteen attended, plus 
Naomi Peck Kroner, from Draper House. They spent the 
days laughing, talking, and recalling memories and had a 
great time. They are looking forward to their 50th reunion 
in 2002. 


Elizabeth Keys Gage 
49 Twilight Road, 
Bay Head, NJ 08742-4758 

Sylvia Pfeiffer Nesslinger 
2840 Doncaster Road, 
Columbus, OH 43221-3034 

Mary Blackham Kelly and her husband are living in 
Yarmouthport, Cape Cod. They have eight grandchildren 
who enjoy coming to visit them. 


Jean Aslaksen Podimsky 
P. O. Box 57, 
Barnegat Light, N] 08006 

Marjorie Dyer Hubbard 

attended her high school 
reunion in New York and visit- 
ed Joan Siebert Mege and her 
husband in Pennsylvania. 

On June 13-15, 2000, the Briggs '52 "girls" did it again. We met for our second 
reunion at Ruth Easterlind Cederberg's home in Mattapoisett, MA for another magi- 
cal time together. We had three wonderful days of relating memories, sharing photos, 
telling a story or two on each other, delicious meals, maybe a little wine and a lot of 
laughs. This year we were ecstatic about having 100% attendance (except for the fact 
that we cannot find Joyce Pearce). Attendees (in maiden name alphabetical order) are: 
Ann Alden Allen (SC), Lois Armstrong Howland (MA), Pauline Coady Goodwin 
(CT), Ruth Easterlind Cederberg (MA), Barbara Herzog Burns (GA), Marilyn 
McGuire(CT), Carol Lee Michiels Dunlap (NH), Joan Morrison Wilson (WA), Dottie 
Mulhere Barrett (FL), Beverly Segerberg Brirton (NY), Virginia Smibert Swanson 
(CT), Joyce Wardle Chapman (CT), and Mary Lou Woodward Robinson (NH). Naomi 
Peck Kroner from Draper joined us this year. In a moment of quiet reflection, we con- 
cluded that life has been good. We don't necessarily want to do it all over again, but 
we just want to keep on doing it! It was a very special time together and we are now 
looking forward to our 50th reunion on campus in 2002. See you there! 


Class Notes 

Mary Louise Burke Alexander can't wait for her 50th 
class reunion in 2003. 

Dot Day Bardarson, who majored in art at Lasell, recently 
had one of her works published in "Painting Alaska," an his- 
torical book which recognizes her as one of Alaska's 100 

Still a gypsy at heart, Dorothy Brinkman drove her 
live-in van (with two big dogs) from San Diego to Alaska, 
just to visit with former roommate Carol McKay 
Chaudiere. Carol is living in Alaska with her husband and 
designing elegant houses. 

Kathryn Dolan keeps active in prison ministry in New 

Maureen Fagan Hollfelder's daughter was married in 
September and Jan Pearson Hauck, was in attendance. 

Elizabeth Fried Slater and her husband took a trip to 
England and France at the end of July, with their twelve 
year-old grandson. 

Lorraine Nelson Stevens and her family welcomed 
their first grandchild. Lorraine is working part time as a 
travel agent and recently took a cruise to Hawaii. 

Ann Olsen Griggs spends summers in Stratford, CT 
and winters in Naples, FL. She volunteers at her church 
and is active in her condo association. Three children and 
six grandchildren live near them in Connecticut and keep 
them busy. 


Class of 1955 1st row: Joan Murano Swanson, Jacqueline Cain Sheils, Diana 
Hendley Cooper, and Eunice "Lee" Kerkins Monticone. 2nd row: Suzanne 
Clark Johnson, Phyllis Thompson Vesey, and Carol Merwin Robinson, on the 
porch steps of Briggs House, Reunion 2000. 

Joan Hodgson Kangas and her husband spent the sum- 
mer at their Damariscotta Lake campsite in Jefferson, ME 
while their house was being remodeled in West Rockport. 
They enjoy boating and swimming. 

"The traveling trio was at it again when Elsie Knaus 
Klemt, her former roommate, Sylvia Pf eiff er Nesslinger and 
her husband went to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island 
last summer. This is getting to be a very enjoyable habit!" 

Cynthia McCoy Fairweather tells us that Patricia Hill 
Adams has moved from Irvine, CA, back to Massachusetts. 
"We've had great times remembering events and friends 
from Lasell." 

Helen Pearlstein Golden and her husband keep busy 
attending Elder Hostel Programs in the U.S. Helen and her 
former roommate, Myrna Pasternak Kahan, attended the 
CT Valley luncheon and had a great time. 

Shirley Vara Gallerani is now retired and living on 
Cape Cod. 


Corinne Coyle Lydem 

7 Fitzpatrick Road, Ansonia, CT 06401 

Last year, Corinne Coyle Lydem visited Joan Pickettt 
Morrow and her husband. They took a trip to Death Valley 
and had a wonderful time. 

Susan Cluett LaGrange has one grandson and another 
one on the way, due in April. Susan continues to be cancer 
free after 3 years. 

Jeanette Marvin Brown's former roommate, Shirley 
Sherwood Adams and her husband visited them in 

Carole Mattucci Wall was expecting her eighth grand- 
child in December. Carole traveled to Germany and enjoys 
golfing in Florida and on the Cape. 

Janet McElgunn Flynn is expecting her thirteenth 
grandchild. "Its such fun being grandparents." She 
planned to go to Europe and back to Florida for 
the winter. 

Virginia Michelini Parks is retired, but continues to 
work in the school department when needed. Patricia 
Fortuine Freeman '50 and Virginia worked at Marshfield 
High School for 25 years. Virginia visited with Louise 
Gracey Hawley, upon returning from her travels to India. 

Ruth Murdick Dallape visited Judy Hansen in Maine. 
Ruth has retired for the second time and enjoys traveling 
and Judy has an antique house with an ocean view in 
Owl's Head, Maine. 

Nancy Curtis Kern and her six children attended her 
daughter's September wedding. She is planning a trip to 
New England and says hello to all her Lasell friends. 

JoAnne DiPietro DiMarco and her husband took a 
four-week trip to Italy and a Caribbean cruise in February. 
She currently spends her winters in Florida and last year 
attended the Ft. Lauderdale Lasell 
alumni gathering. 

Jane Gray Milne lives in 
Vermont and has two sons and 
grandchildren nearby. She works 
part-time at the general store. 

Sandra Lally Hovey and Ron 
traveled in Germany, France, and 
Spain. She also had a lovely visit with 
her former roommate, Shirley 
Palmaccio Stolfors. "I really like 
Vancouver, WA, it's so beautiful!" 

Margaret Murray Kerbaugh has 
retired and planned to travel cross- 
country in their '97 Bounder Coach. 
We will visit many southern states 
and find longer stays in Arizona and 

We send our deepest condolences 
to Mia Ysselstyn Orlando on the 
death of her husband. 

Anita Royer Martin and her hus- 
band, Bob, planned to celebrate their 
42nd anniversary last year. They 
have five grandchildren. Anita and 
Sally McGill Jessie plan to take a trip to South Africa 

Sandra Stone Myerow and her husband are retired and 
have been living on the North Shore for over forty years 
now. They have two grown sons. 

Barbara Travis Hendrick recently visited on Cape Cod 
with classmates Marion Locke Nutter, Linda Nolin Ahern, 
and Lucinda Nolin Johnson. 



MAY 17-20, 2001 

Deanne Dario Sferrino 

10 Liberty Avenue, Burlington, MA 01803 

Elaine Bertini Roske has been doing a lot of traveling 
to England, Italy and Bermuda. "Retirement is great!!" 

Joan Conley Eid is now retired and has three grand- 
children.They are building a home in Worcester, MA and 
can't wait to move in. 

Dorothy Craig Kochli and her husband recently 
moved to Aiken, SC. 

Beverly Danks Rieckers retired from her job at 
Community Foundation of NJ. She spends time visiting 
with her grandchildren, playing golf and volunteering. 

Martha Forristall Smith has six grandchildren. She 
lives on Lake Sunapee and goes to Sanibel, FL for the 

Judith Nielsen Badot is living in Boston with her 
"significant other" and was due to retire in December. 
She has five grandchildren and was planning to spend 
the winter in St. Croix. 

Nancy Shook Bender has three young grandsons and 
enjoys Florida in the winter and Cape Cod in the summer. 

Joan Yaghjian Papazian currently lives in Florida 
and Rhode Island. She enjoys retirement immensely 
and spends time playing golf and bridge. "Our children 
and grandchildren live within five miles of us in Rhode 
Island — can't get any better than that." 


Ada Whitmore Suydam 

35 Carey Road, Needham, MA 02494-1103 

Ann Bidwell Sanborn has been very busy with her 
husband's reunion and is also on a committee to restore the 
Sports Gallery at the University of New Hampshire. "Huge 
undertaking, but very rewarding." 

Sandra Bristol Walters is now enjoying her winters in 
Naples, FL. She would love to hear from any of her Lasell 
classmates in the area. 

Cynthia Clark Rose-Frazee currently lives seven 
months in Punta Gorda, FL and the other five months in 
Skaneateles, NY. 

Janet Coulter Langmaid says "life is full, guitar lessons 
at last." Janet enjoys being involved in her church, travel- 
ing and spending time with her grandchildren. 

Joan Deshefy Patenaude and her husband are enjoying 
Florida where they love to play golf. Joan would love to 
hear from any of her Lasell classmates and is looking for- 
ward to the next class reunion. 

Barbara Flint Gerold has ten grandchildren, is 
involved in ecumenism and works with the Central 
Virginia Hospice as a bereavement counselor. She plans 
to go to China and Tibet this year. 

Frances Howell Meyers retired in September and has 
two grandchildren. 

Marcia James Carthaus and her husband took a three- 
week trip to China. They both enjoyed two Lasell gather- 
ings, in Naples, FL and Minnesota. 

Peggy Ann Kenison Glaister and her husband, Frank, 
go to Britain every year to visit his family and tour a differ- 
ent area of England, Scotland and Wales. They also travel 
throughout the U.S. and Canada. They enjoy visiting their 
grandchildren and doing volunteer work in their commu- 

Joan Kramer Edelman retired in 1999 and is really 
enjoying life! 

Jane Moore Thompson loves retirement and spends 
most of her time with her grandchildren and playing golf. 

Joan Pethybridge Thompson retired last May. She 
looks forward to spending much of her time playing golf, 
traveling and visiting with family and classmates. 

Patricia Tarracciano Ciccone and her husband, Bob, are 
living in Arizona.They enjoy playing golf, traveling and 
visiting their two grandchildren. Last year she met with 
Cathy Black (major gifts officer at Lasell), Joan Howe 
Weber '51, Marcia Hamilton Killeen, and Valerie 
Tarracciano Piazza '61. 


Betty Anderson Fairchild 

5 Grennan Road, West Hartford, CT 06107-1818 

Judith Butler Weppel and her husband are 
living in the Smoky Mountains and loving it. Judith enjoys 
taking groups on cruises and land tours. 

Beverly Dansky Singer's three children are all doing 
well and our daughter "has blessed us with two grand- 
sons. They are our greatest joy!" 

Laurie Ferrante Cannon enjoys painting and is a breast 
cancer survivor of four years now. "Not a grandma yet; but 
my two sons are doing well!" She would love to hear from 
any of her Lasell friends. 

Mary Ann Fuller Young says "I am embarking on a 
change of focus: career in writing memoir and slice-of-life 
vignettes for the fun of it!" Divorced now and planning on 
traveling to Greece, Istanbul and New Mexico. 

Jane Gregson Moloney is looking forward to retire- 
ment from John Hancock this year. "Hubby and I now 
have 11 V2 grandchildren." 

Dorothy Ann Proctor Pearson says "Dick and I are 
pretty much stay-at-home now because of his stroke of 15 
years. Our five children, 10 grandchildren and one great- 
grandchild live close by, so we have lots of fun and family. 

Helene Schwartz Perry recently retired from public 
school administration. She and her husband have four 
grandchildren and they both enjoy playing golf. 

Meade Simpson Fasciano enjoys volunteering on the 
Ladies Committee at the Museum of Fine Arts and loves 
the work. Meade is expecting her third grandchild in June. 

Marsha Singer Marshall and her husband are both 
retired from Raytheon. They sold their Framingham home 
of 31 years and bought condos in Marlborough, MA, and 
Sun City Center, FL. She writes, "We have the best of both 
worlds." They are active in the temple, bowling, golfing, 
square dancing, traveling, and are involved in an amateur 
radio club. They have seven grandchildren, ranging in ages 
from 4-15. 


Betsy Coulson Conrad and her husband became 
grandparents for the first time in February, 2000. In 
September, they toured England and visited relatives. 

Susan Hearne Southwick and her husband are now 
retired and living on the Gulf Coast of Florida. "Loving it 
and have never been so busy! If you come to our area of 
Pt. Richey /Tampa, please come visit." 

Class Notes 


Barbara Howell Talbott has been married now for 
forty-one years and has four grandchildren. She is retired 
and living in Florida and loves it. 


Faith Bowker Maloney 

63 Burnt Swamp Road, Wrentham, MA 02093 

Barbara Bogert Wahlberg is "anxiously awaiting the 
arrival of our first grandchild, by daughter Susan 
Wahlberg Morch '88." 

Faith Bowker Maloney says "the loyal reunioners of 
the Class of 1960 have started planning 'lead-up activities' 
to our 50th reunion. We urge all classmates to be in touch 
with us." 

Nancy Hoey Hanson writes "I had hoped to attend the 
40th reunion, but instead flew to Boston in April for a fami- 
ly celebration." Nancy is a first-time grandmother. 

Barbara Jacoby Adelstein is working as a substitute 
teacher. She has two children who are both married. 

Susan Ladd Johnston is participating in her husband's 
new career as an academic dean in Michigan. 

Carole Raffel Waksler's sends news that her family is 
doing well and her son has been made partner in his law 

Ronna Zucker Uhrman writes, "I am expecting my 
sixth grandchild. They are the best . I am still teaching 
pre-school, and am even teaching "Grandma and Me." 
Ronna and her husband are building a winter home in 
Boca Raton, FL. 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Ann Porcaro Mucera 

8026 SE Mammoth Drive, Robe Sound, FL 33455 

Barbara Carberry Haddad says, "after spending a year 
sailing, my husband and I have returned from a great 
adventure. In June '99, we left Maine and sailed to Portugal 
and Spain and spent the winter in the Caribbean. Along the 
way, our children and friends met us to help with the long 
passages. We met wonderful new friends. It's great to be 
home, but there is still so much to see — maybe another 

Barbara Cole French and her husband are moving to 
North Eastham, MA in June following a trip to Japan to see 
their son and daughter-in law. Barbara's daughter, Laura 
French '88, plans to marry in June 2001. 

Susan Dennison Harmon and her husband, Arnold, 
are enjoying their family, cottage and travel. She keeps in 
touch with Connie Luppino and Joan Brodalski DuBois. 

Carol Healy McKinnon writes, "Linda Grean Curtis, 
Lynn Kiefer Holt, Jane Parsons Dolbier, Jane Kendrigan 
and I had a wonderful October mini-reunion in Falmouth. 
We are all planning to be at the big reunion in May!" 

Milly Gillis Pereira enjoyed brunch with Barbara 
Stark Burns, Linda Leser Hughes, and Janice Bateman 

Carole Kirschner Wilson has "entered the cyber-world 
for the new millennium and it does take a lot of time out of 
my day. We are looking to put together a highly-experi- 
enced crew to sail the Caribbean. They must be adventur- 
ous and knowledgeable about navigation." Carol was plan- 
ning on spending a month with her family in Hong Kong. 

We send our condolences to Lynn Kiefer Holt on the 
death of her father in August 2000. 

Donna Skillings Kessler writes "my husband and I are 
loving retirement, having more time for each other, enjoy- 
ing new activities, traveling and busy welcoming each new 
grandchild. The 'Pickard House' girls are fortunate to get 
together a couple of times a year." 


Linda Resnick Baer 

9 Columbine Drive, Nashua, NH 03063-2113 

Lynne Andrews Scielzo and her husband moved to 
Florida last year. They love the warm sunshine, playing 
golf and are still getting settled into their new life and 

Linda Bald Lathrop retired from her job last year and 
loves it. "Gave me a chance to do some redecorating and 
remodeling and to spend more time with my mom, who 
passed away in September, 2000." We send our condo- 
lences to Linda. 

Jane Fall ona Sheehan welcomed her ninth grandchild 
in March, 2000. 

Beryl Hamlen Morrisey was expecting her first grand- 
child in September. "Would love e-mails from any long- 
lost Lasell buddies!" 

Robin MacCloskey Mclnnis was expecting her second 
grandchild last year. "Business booming, love the flower 

Betsy MacMillan Blackledge has retired from teaching 
after 15 years. She has five trips planned to visit family, 
including St. Maarten with her sisters. Last year she volun- 
teered at the Arizona Hemophilia Camp with Andy who 
was in charge of counselors-in-training. 

Marcia Madden Heist is on the Brookline School 
Committee. Her son, 16, is a great golfer and "who knows, 
maybe he will be third generation Lasell." Marcia and her 
husband enjoy boating on Lake Winnipesaukee. She writes 
"I am so proud of the way Lasell has grown!" 

Doris Orben Campbell had a wonderful year 
of skiing. She and her daughter took a train trip to the 
Canadian Rockies. Dee is also busy with the Stephen 
Ministry Program and is a Mary Kay beauty consultant. 

Virginia Tsouros Taylor's painting of a New Canaan 
landmark, "The Little Red Schoolhouse," is featured on the 
New Canaan Historical Society's 2000 Christmas card. 


Karin Skooglund Bartow 

26 Grozier Road, Cambridge, MA 02138-3315 

Sandra Harris is now living in Los Angeles. She is a 
financial planner and loves skiing, hiking, and running 
marathons. She is in contact with Judy Katzoff Holthe '62. 
Sandra would love to hear from Barbie Toth Whitcomb, 
Mildred Goineau, Sonny Philips, and Brenda Airman 

Sarah Hirst-Pitts was recently elected treasurer of the 
Humane Association in Wilson County, TN. 

Claire Lipton Zimmers writes "I am still enjoying the 
delightful effects of my daughter's wedding weekend at 
Point O' Pines Camp, in the Adirondacks. It was a unique 

Marjory Prezioso Delaney has been married 35 years 
and has two daughters. She enjoys spending time with two 
of her fellow classmates, Joan Barry Lane and Arlene 

Linda Welt Horowitz was in the Boston area for her 
niece's high school graduation last year and saw her for- 
mer Lasell roommates Cornelia Bessemer Hatfield, 
Patricia Ryan Cantin, and Nancy Spelman Moyer. 


Carol Bradley Sullivan planned to move back to Cape 
Cod, from North Carolina, after six years. She and her hus- 
band met and got married on Cape Cod. 

Susan Coster Malsin had a mini-reunion last year in 
Key West with Jan Slocum, Claire Monahan Knox and 
Vivien Ash Gallagher. 

Felice Goldman Resko would like to hear from any of 
her Lasell friends. 

Jane Leonard Wilcox and her husband planned to cele- 
brate their 30th wedding anniversary. They are both teach- 
ers in Lakeville, MA, and have four children, all of whom 
are college graduates. They also have two grandchildren. 

Patricia Perry Polidor keeps in touch with two of her 
Lasell classmates, Joan Keefe Feloney and Ruth DeWitt 
Ghia. "I'm still busy with my Strictly Britain Tours." 

Susan Miller-Havens is a full-time oil painter. Visit her 
on-line at 


Linda Foster Nixon 

202 Stage Island Road, Chatham, MA 02633 

Susan Layng Bogle 

21605 SW 103rd Avenue, Miami, FL 33176 

After retiring from IBM, Susanne Benz Sweeny started 
her own corporate consulting and training firm, "The 
Leadership Connection." She and her husband are building 
a home on the water in Vero Beach and became grandpar- 
ents one year ago. 

Carole Bourdon Suddaby is working on several pilot 
programs and her holistic nurse certificate. Carole would 
like to hear from anyone who has any information on inte- 
grative medicine programs in their centers. 

Kathleen Goulder Plante assumed a new position as 
registrar at the University of New Orleans. 

Katherine Healey Marella has a new granddaughter 

who attends the home day care where she is working. 

Roberta Krasnow Goldstein is living in Melbourne, FL 
and enjoys traveling around to the southern states. She has 
three sons. 

Catherine Sanford Nurmi is a town clerk and received 
a citation from the secretary of state for "outstanding and 
meritorious service to the town of Sterling and the state of 

Louise Schwartz Rose, a New Jersey resident for the 
past 25 years, is working at a local Williams-Sonoma store. 
She and her family vacationed in Florence, Italy last year. 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Sue Bratenas Gannon 

4 Gloria Lane, North Reading, MA 01864-2102 

Faye Gorfinkle Stoller 

112 Bittersweet Lane, Randolph, MA 02368 

Linda Cheney Burney, a resident of North Carolina for 
18 years, has a home-based medical transcription business. 
She and her husband have two grandchildren. "Greetings 
to all my Blaisdell buddies." 

After 33 years with TWA, Katherine Conners Novak 
retired in April 2000. She is working part-time doing con- 
ference administration at management seminars taught by 
professors from Harvard and MIT. Katherine hopes to 
attend reunion with classmates Jane Cutting Longmire 
and Donna-Lee Wyman O'Driscoll. 

Arlene Paratore Hrabovecky is enjoying semi-retire- 
ment and working as a commercial real estate broker. 


Kathryn Morgan Lucey 

265 Concord Street, Newton Lower Falls, MA 02462 

Jane Angelilli Yarbrough became a grandmother in 

Heather Hines Peterson is still working in Texas, 
where she owns and operates "Independently Yours Inc.," 
a medical case management company. 

Ann Hudson North welcomed her third grandson in 
September 2000. 

Deborah Lind Mahony received her doctorate degree 
in 1993 from Harvard University School of Public Health. 
She has two daughters, one grandson and two more grand- 
children expected. Professionally she has been an associate 
professor at UMass Boston College of Nursing and a 
pediatric nurse practitioner at MGH Chelsea. 

Kathryn Morgan Lucey's daughter and her husband 
had two weddings — one in Newton and the other in 
Jaipur, India. "Now we have a beautiful granddaughter." 
Kathy recently traveled to Scotland. 

Gail Robbins Kimbell works in the US House of 
Representatives as a staff assistant. 

Avis Small has moved back to Falmouth, ME, after 25 
years in Florida. She enjoys being a hotline counselor and 
collecting antiques. 


Judith Fellows Skehan 

P. O. Box 422, Hallowell, ME 04347-0422 

Elissa Altshuler Freidus writes "I love the positive 
experiences that accompany being an artist... reaching out 
to another person through art is truly hard to express 
in words." Lisa is currently a part of The Wet Paint 

Nancy Deveno-Pagano and her husband, Rich, have 
recently spent a lot of time in Italy and Sardinia, while 
going to school, working and vacationing. She says hello 
to Elizabeth Iarrobino, Jacquie Saunders and Amelia 

Our deepest sympathy to Patricia Hallock Wehle on 
the death of her husband, Ted, in March, 2000. They had 
been married for 32 years. Patricia's youngest daughter 
was married in August 2000 and her oldest daughter was 
married in September 1999. 

Laurie Kanters Micheau's first child was planning to 
wed in December. She is anxiously awaiting a grandchild! 

Ann Sterner Tyler has retired from the education field 
to become more active in her community. She is looking 
forward to traveling with her husband. 



Mary Ann Mitchell Beaver 

80 Carriage Driiv, South Windsor, CT 06074-2 104 

Shelley Gray Krug and her husband are selling resi- 
dential real estate. They plan on going to Ireland, Aruba, 
Florida and California. 

Alice Marquess Woodward is working as a language 
tutor at the lemicy School. She and her husband are enjoy- 
ing their two cats. 

Janice Newberg Cartin welcomed "an unexpected 
blessing, a daughter in January, 2000." 

Nancy Rosenthal Klein is working part-time in the real 
estate business and is a substitute teacher for the Northern 
Valley District. She has two daughters, one in college and 
the other a recent graduate. 

Susan Young Charton has two sons in college. 


Constance Farley Whittall 
long Hill, Rowley, MA 01969 

Paula Finnegan Dickinson and her husband went to 
Katmandu, Nepal, to visit with their son and his .wife. 

Suzanne Gordon has two daughters who are both in 
college. Suzanne is looking for long-lost classmates 
Barbara Cooley, Pam Lassiter Bumette, Virginia Calo 
Lyons and Laurie Kaplan. 

Karla Kitaeff Baig is a manager at Saatchi and Saatchi 
in New York. Karla and her husband spent their 25th 
anniversary in Paris. 

Sally Swope recently published a new book, "Dove 
Dances Through Asia," about her real-life adventures there. 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Susan Johnson Roach 

182 Curtis Road, Middlebury, CT 06762-3014 

Veda Fitzgibbons Connolly is a tax clerk at town hall. 
She and her husband enjoy their jobs. They have a son in 
college and a daughter in high school. 

Congratulations to Mary Hobler Hyson on her solo 
photography show entitled, "The Novel Photography 
Mystery Show!" Mary plans to attend her 30th reunion in 
2001 and hopes to see Barb K., Janice R v Sue Z., and Veda 
F. there. 

Johanna Nahatis Kadra's twin sister, Christina 
Nahatis Barrett, has a daughter who is a freshman in col- 


Diane Henault-Tosi 

39 Ladds Way, Scituate, MA 02066-1901 

Nancy Germain Smith's oldest daughter is entering 
Lasell as a junior transfer student and is pleased with her 

Colleen Hennessy Kochman is a pediatric nurse 
practitioner in Brookline, MA and has won several awards 
for her participation in the nursing field. 

Barbara Kaiser Martens would love to hear from any 
of her Lasell friends. 

Nancy Zuber Perry is busy with her wholesale fashion 
jewelry business and plans a cruise to Alaska. She says 
hello to all of her Lasell classmates and encourages anyone 
in the Houston, TX area to look her up. 


Lorraine Woodman-Patti 

128 Ball Hill Road, Berlin, MA 01503-1811 

Mary Lou Duquette is a Rotary Interact Advisor and 
traveled to Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand. 

Susan Feinberg Casper is in her seventh year as a 
fourth grade teacher in Longmeadow, MA. Her oldest son 
is a freshman in college and her youngest son is a sopho- 
more in high school. 

Marjorie Hirschaut DiGalbo accepted a position as the 
clinical manager for the Hartford Visiting Nurses in 
Glastonbury, CT. She also has a new grandchild, whom 
Marjorie hopes will be a member of the class of 2022 at 
Lasell College! 

Catherine Williams Demeter writes, "I'M HAPPY and 
still consider my years at Lasell as precious stepping 


Sharon Cowles Kroker 

76 Afterglow Avenue, Verona, NJ 07044-5120 

Wendy Wintersteen Girdosky still loves working as a 
nurse at the Infertility Surgery Center in Waltham, MA and 
Cambridge V.N. A. 


Pamela Brigham Lippincott 

55 John Scott Boulevard, Norton, MA 01766 

Adoree Kapopoulos McGillvary 

32 Shallow Pond Lane, East Falmouth, MA 02536 

Cynthia Cooke moved to Connecticut in March of 
2000. She has two sons and is working as a publicist. 

Elizabeth Hayes Witten and Richard have been mar- 
ried for 23 years and have three children. She teaches first 

Lynda Sweeney Hunt and new husband, John have a 
combined family of five children. 

Sandra Waradzin Gardner enjoyed attending the 
reunion in May where she saw Lois Schoonmaker. She 
says hello to her former roommate, Sandy Aitcheson 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Rosemary Balberchak Koenig 

96 Tidewater Farm Road, Stratham, NH 03885-2132 

Debra Alperin Cameron has a son in college, a daugh- 
ter in high school and a daughter in sixth grade. 

Debra Englisby Lipnick received her MSW degree 
from UCONN School of Social Work in May 1999. 

Nancy Loftus Keast hopes to pursue a master's degree 
in counseling/psychology. She has a son in college, a 
daughter in eighth grade and a son in second grade. 


Kathleen Finnegan 

22 Patricia Lane, Darien, CT 06820 


Sylvia Allen Hazard 

41 Nantrin Terrace, Milford, CT 06460-6741 

Mary Ann Templeton Murray 

HI Tanner Street, Manchester, CT 06040 

Claudia Bove Trevino lives in Dallas, TX and is a 
full-time mom with two children. They enjoy visiting New 
England every summer, especially the Boston area. 

Nancy Cantey Banasiak is married with three children. 
She received her master's degree in nursing from Catholic 
University and is a pediatric nurse practitioner. Nancy is a 
program instructor for the Master's program at Yale 
University and has a clinical practice at Yale New Haven 


Betsy De Rosa Wolfe 

5 Martha Drive, Deny, NH 03038 

Patricia Drohan 

1305H Windleaf Drive, Reston, VA 20194-2052 

Ronnie Cohen Romanuck and her husband have been 
married for two years. She is working for Reynolds 
Tobacco and says hello to all her classmates. 

Doreen Newbury Bell would love to hear from any of 
her former classmates. 


Patricia Wells Velaj 

94 Southfield Avenue #401, Stamford, CT 06902-7625 

Emily Renz Barron and her husband enjoy traveling. 
She sends her best wishes to Ken, Joe, Ed, Jane and Martha. 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Karen Rabatsky Rosenthal 

142 Eastwind Drive, Manchester, NH 03104 


Cynthia Osborne Willets 

120 West Avenue, Darien, CT 06820-4308 

Jennifer Bradley Churchill has three daughters and is 
working at home for Putnam. 

Renee Chisholm Patterson lives in upstate New York 
with her husband and three children. 

Colleen Kehoe Stabile says hello and is looking for 
Sara Hamilton Jones and Samantha Fredericks. 

Melinda Simensky Whitman lives in Natick, MA with 
her husband and two children. She says hi to all of her old 
Lasell friends. 


Janice Wright Moran 

10 Lauren Road, Plymouth, MA 02360 

Dianne Quinn Williamson and her family are in then- 
fourth year of raising money for Lou Gehrig's disease 
research. There have currently raised $400,000 in memory 
of her brother who died of the disease in 1997. 


Kari Sullivan 

2200 Ben. Franklin Pkwy #1808, 
Philadelphia, PA 19130-3601 

Linda Simensky Mayer is working part-time as a 
speech and language pathologist. She would love to hear 
from any of her Lasell friends. 


Wendy Bloom Kelley 

36 Wayside Road, Westborough, MA 01581-3622 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Amy Sloane 

220 E. 82nd Street #15, New York, NY 10028 

Jennifer Leonard works part-time on a horse farm in 
New Jersey and also does dog training and pet-sitting. 


Cecilia Coleman Welch 

5909 Northern Boulevard, East Norwich, NY 11732-1612 

Angela Bonacci-Quinn 

2647S Honor Lane, Salinas, CA 93908-1568 

Elizabeth Brewster Murray has been married for 11 
years and has two children. She manages a busy OB/GYN 
practice overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. 

Patricia A. Celli planned an October wedding. She 
would love to hear from any of her classmates. 


Debra Sansone 

27 Lincoln Road #2, Newton, MA 02458 

Wendy Gromko 

636 Cameron Street, Atlanta, GA 30312 


Georgia Moran Livziey 

47 Camelot Drive, Box 7, Worcester, MA 01602 

Annemarie Graziano Caloggero 

7 White Avenue, Maynard, MA 01754 

Class Notes 



Jennifer Egan 

3430 Gulf Shore Boulevard N. #7F, Naples, FL 34103-0600 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Natalie Woods Howe 

27 Grandview Drive, Plymouth, MA 02360 


Stormy Horton Bell 

49 Merritt Avenue, Bergenfield, NJ 07621-1334 

Michelle Strathie 

23 Apsley Street # 2, Hudson, MA 01749 

On November 11, Yoko Taguchi married Shinichi 
Tanaka in a ceremony at St. Francis Xavier Church in 
Tokyo. Among the guests were Izumi Kikuchi '93 and 
Kumi Himeno-Oka '93, along with Bob Kates, Director of 
the Yamawaki Center at Lasell, and Sally Ishihara of 
Tokyo, a member of the Board of Overseers at Lasell. Yoko 
is with the Japan National Tourist Organization and her 
husband is an architect. They will live in Tokyo. 

Masami Tsuda Reas is living in Jacksonville, NC with 
her husband, Captain David Reas, USMC. He is a Logistics 
Officer with the 2nd Transportation Battalion stationed at 
Camp Lejune. Originally from Mystic, CT, he was sta- 
tioned in Tokyo when he met Masami. When not caring 
for their 13-month old son Akira Evans, Masami is an 
administrative staff volunteer for the local relief society. 

Yoko Taguchi '92 with Bob Kates, Director of the 
Yamawaki Center. Yoko homestayed with Bob and 
his family for five months prior to beginning her 
studies at Lasell. 

Toshiro Ueno, Special Advisor to the President based 
in Tokyo, hosted a luncheon for Yoko Harada '95 and 
Bob Kates at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. 


Gayle Lucido Movalli 

309 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930 

Kumi Himeno-Ota lives in Tokyo with her husband 
Takeshi and son Suei, age 2 1/2. 

Gayle Lucido Movalli and her husband have been 
married for six years and have two children. She is work- 
ing in human resources at Saucony Inc. and buying a home 
in Magnolia, MA. 

Izumi Kikuchi is a member of the Corporate Planning 
Department of Cable & Wireless IDC Inc. in Tokyo. She 
returned from a visit to Masami Tsuda Reas '92 in North 
Carolina just in time to attend the wedding of their class- 
mate Yoko Taguchi. 

Susan Merz teaches first grade reading in the 
Marlborough Public School system. She would love to 
hear from any classmates. 

Kara Nelson Chapdelaine has a son and is self- 
employed in the cleaning business. 


Kristine Bell Smith 

Mt. Ida College, Res. Life Office, 777 Dedham Street, 
Newton Center, MA 02459 

Jennifer Bannon Aucoin is a stay-at-home mom with 
her two daughters after working for five years as a physi- 
cal therapist assistant at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. 

Kristine Bell Smith and her husband celebrated their 
first anniversary. She misses all of her Lasell friends and 
hopes to see everyone at Lasell's 150th. Her e-mail address 

Our deepest condolences to Linda Georgilas on the 
death of her son. 

Rachel Noah plans a June 2001 wedding. 

Noelle Poissant Ingegneri is a full-time mom with two 

Marie Sackett is enjoying her job as a fifth-grade teacher in 
Charlotte, VT and is planning a June 2001 wedding. 


Carrie Lempke Braxton 

24822 Rensselaer Street, Oak Park, MI 48237-1773 

Deborah Lestch 

20 Bryon Road #4, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 

Yoko Harada received her MBA from Bentley College 
and joined the staff of Hewlett-Packard in Japan for two 
years. Now she is Operations Manager for a group of 
more than twenty restaurants and food service establish- 
ments in Tokyo. 

Yuki Mitsuma is a flight attendant with United 
Airlines based in Tokyo and flying to major cities in 
the U.S. 

Karen Humphrey-Johnson is a residence director at 
UMass Lowell. 


MAY 17-20, 2001 

Mary Lynch 

57 Manners Avenue, Brockton, MA 02301-1418 

Barbara Ortega-Alicea just completed her first year of 
owning "Keys and Things" in Worcester, MA. She enjoys 
her 2-year-old daughter but misses her Lasell friends. 

On Founder's Day, Patti Beck '97 helped create the 
largest banana split ever built in the region. 


Urit Chaimovitz 

202 Gainsborough Street #103E, Boston, MA 02115 

Heather Bohn is a lead account executive in Iowa, 
selling book, art and jewelry fairs to different companies. 

Jennifer Share is working with infants and toddlers at 
a preschool and would love to hear from Allison Johnson. 




Class Notes 


L A S E L L 


SEPTEMBER 19, 2000 

Affable Winnie Robertson knew everyone on campus . . . and everyone knew him. The 
genial foreman of buildings and grounds, who served the College for 31 years, considered 
Lasell his home away from home, and every student, faculty, and staff person a member of 
his extended family. The feeling was mutual. The Lasell community was saddened by his 
passing on September 19, 2000, after a long battle against cancer. 

"Winnie will take care of it," and "Call Winnie, he'll help," were phrases often heard 
among Lasellites, who came to rely on Robertson's dependable, unflappable manner to 
deal with scheduled and unscheduled assignments and the various large and small crises 
that emerge from daily campus life. From the small special event that required still more 
folding chairs at the very last minute, to the major logistics of overseeing the ever-expand- 
ing commencement ceremonies under the giant lawn tent each May, Winnie Robertson was 
there to solve problems and make things better. 

During big snow storms that regularly paralyze our region, Winnie would be on the 
road before first light, braving icy roads and drifting snow, first on his long commute from 
his home in Seabrook, New Hampshire, and then with his crew, clearing sidewalks and 
roadways to ensure safe pathways throughout the campus. 

Wearing his signature duck-billed cap and sunglasses, Winnie Robertston was a com- 
forting sight, driving his fire engine red Lasell truck from job site to job site and overseeing 
the myriad building and grounds projects. Often, seated by his side, fur waving in the 
breeze, would be Molly, the loveable sheep dog, who is owned by the President's Executive 
Assistant, Margaretta Arnold, who waited patiently each morning by her back door until 
her pal Winnie came to pick her up for her day's work. 

Winston Robertson, whose father Charlie worked for the College for 19 years as a car- 
penter, was deeply committed to all things Lasell. In 1987, he was honored for his service to 
the College when he was awarded Lasell's highest honor, the Lasell Medallion. Students 
and faculty saluted his contributions during his 25th year of service by naming Winnie 
"Man of the Year" and recognizing his many contributions during a fall fashion show. 

An active booster of Lasell as the College grew and expanded, Winnie Robertson was 
also a donor to the Lasell 150 sesquicentennial campaign. He is greatly missed. 

OCTOBER 2, 2000 

Her friends called her Tap, and they knew Louise Tardivel Higgins '37, as a woman 
who was proud of her Lasell education and her continuing association with her alma mater. 
The 83-year-old alumna passed away at her home on October 2. 

Born in Worcester, where she attended school, she graduated from Lasell in 1937 after 
a visible and active tenure serving her class as president. Voted the "most popular" and 
"most capable" of her class, Tap maintained her leadership profile with Lasell throughout 
the rest of her life, both as a volunteer activist and a philanthropist. 

She served Lasell College as Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the Alumni 
Association as president. She later became trustee emerita. Her generosity to the College 
was most recently focused on the Lasell 150 Campaign and the Winslow Hall Renovation 
Project. Dedication of the Louise Tardivel Higgins '37 Archives Display Case will take 
place this May, in her honor. 

A volunteer at the Newton-Wellesley Hospital, Tap Higgins was made an honorary 
member of its board of trustees. She was an avid horticulturist who served as president of 
the Auburndale Garden Club, a member of the New England Farm, the Garden 
Association, and the Lighthouse Point Yacht and Racquet Club. 

Appreciated for her commitment to and enthusiasm for Lasell, Tap Higgins was 
awarded the Lasell Medallion in 1972, and was the recipient of the Lasell Bowl in 1986, 
followed by the Lasell jacket in 1987. 



Janice Newberg Cartin '69, a daughter, Muriel, 

on January 10, 2000 
Linda Simensky Mayer '84, a daughter, Jami Rose, 

on November 27, 1999 
Denise Roberts Angerame '87, a daughter, Gianna Theresa, 

on March 22, 2000 
Mina Capanna Spadaro '88, a son, Matthew John, 

on May 11, 2000 
Lisa Henry Phillips '90, a son, Frederick M. Phillips IV, 

on March 30, 2000 
Masami Tsuda Reas '92, a son, Akira Evan, 

on November 1, 1999 
Jennifer Krol Teece '92, a son, Joseph David, on August 8, 2000 
Judith Petty Daggett '98, a daughter, Abigail Fay, 

on December 15, 1999 


Cynthia Clark Rose '57 to Harold Frazee, on October 10, 1999 
Nancy Begg '57 to Dave Bromley, in August 2000 
Sharon Falzone Betti '78, to Patrick Sheeran, on October 8, 2000 
Cheryl Brophy '83, to George Francis Reynolds Jr., 
on September 2, 2000 
Donna Niland '84, to Paul A. Gagnon 

Sharlene Galasso '86, to Clayton Allen Burgess, on May 5, 2000 
Alissa Frank '87, to Jack Dunford 

Kayuri Miki '90, to Hajime Kobata, on October 1, 2000 
Deborah Oliveira '90, to Christopher Paul Bergeron, 

on September 3, 2000 

Kirsten Judge '92, to James Ash Jr., on June 17, 2000 
Yoko Taguchi '92, to Shinichi Tanaka, on November 11, 2000 
Susan Landry '94, to Joseph M. Donlon, on June 25, 2000 
Jennifer Long '94, to Philip Malone, on September 9, 2000 
Jennifer Muffin '94 to Ed Casella, on September 23, 2000 
Carrie Warner '94 to Francis Brain Johnson, 

on September 23, 2000 

Karen Humphrey '95 to Derek Johnson, on June 17, 2000 
Carrie Lempke '95 to Ricardo Braxton 
Sharon Tabor '96 to George Ivas, on October 8, 2000 


Dorothy Deering Ewart '17 

Muriel James Morrison '20 

Mary King Sargent '21, on July 27, 2000 

Carolyn Vicary Krider '24, on September 26, 2000 

Hazel Baird Chamberlain '26, in June, 2000 

Mary Hazel Kramer O'Donnell '26, on November 4, 2000 

Pauline LeClaire Reiter '27, on July 25, 2000 

Hester Shaw Gordon '28, on July 14, 2000 

Dorothy England Chester '29, on July 7, 2000 

Eleanor Idler Johnson '31, on May 14, 2000 

Anna Savage Williams '31, on June 4, 2000 

Elizabeth Page Sealey '32, on December 22, 2000 

Dorothy Day Funk '33, on October 12, 2000 

Roberta Davis Massey '34, on November 5, 2000 

Sophie Nassikas Branch '34, on January 8, 2000 

Ruth Blaisdell Berry '35, on September 5, 2000 

Selma Swanson Dahlberg '35, on July 22, 2000 

Frances McNulty Read '36 

Helen Hint Moody '37, on May 24, 2000 

Louise Tardivel Higgins '37, on October 2, 2000 

Irma Walden Badgley '37, on February 2, 2000 

Katharine Dempsey Reidy '38, on August 20, 2000 

Ritamae Hinchliffe McCusker '38, on March 27, 2000 

Helen Fosberg Powers '39, on February 9, 2000 

Winifred Escott Wright '39 

Jean Windrow '40, May 27, 2000 

Elizabeth Reama Esau '41, on June 13, 2000 

Janis Scanlon Reid '41, on June 21, 2000 

Althea Aspinall Hays '42, on July 27, 2000 

Alice Moran Leonard '43, on June 21, 2000 

Elsinor Prouty Mallory '43 

Joy Cartland Fowler '45 

Monique M. Ducharme '46, on June 11, 2000 

I. Sybil Dunn Schofield '47, on October 31, 2000 

Patricia Winslow Kemmerhn '47, on December 27, 1999 

Eleanor T. Munro '48, on February 18, 2000 

Susan Chequer Jardine '53, on August 27, 1998 

Abby J. Harrison '53, in 1999 

Catherine Parello Cincotta '56, in October, 200 

Elizabeth Proud Gilbert '56, on October 1, 2000 

Class Notes 




Message from the 
Lasell 150 Co-Chairs 


a. Co-Chair Peggy Schwingel Kraft '56 

No matter what side you were on in 
the recent brouhaha in presidential poli- 
tics, many people would agree that our 
system appeared a bit peculiar to the rest 
of the world. Like all countries, the 
United States has its eccentricities. Our 
much-heralded individualism and drive 
can be perplexing, perhaps even exasper- 
ating, to other cultures. 

However, there is an area where the 
U.S. unequivocally shines: philanthropy. 
Both institutions and individuals in this 
country are remarkably generous to 
charitable causes. In a recent study by the 
National Commission on Philanthropy 
and Civil Renewal, foundations gave $10 
billion, or seven percent of annual con- 
tributions, and corporations donated 
$7.4 billion, or five percent of annual 
charitable giving totals. 

As Lasell College continues to solidify 
its position as a vibrant and innovative 
four-year, co-educational institution, the 
College will expand its efforts to pursue 
support from these foundations and cor- 
porations. The Kresge Foundation 
Challenge Grant, received by Lasell in 
March 2000 to help complete the reno- 
vation of Winslow Hall, was just the 
beginning of this new institutional initia- 
tive. You can make a difference by open- 
ing doors for Lasell with foundations and 
corporations with which you have a con- 
nection. Please contact Lasell's Office of 
Institutional Advancement if the College 
may use your name to help secure an 
appointment or add clout to a proposal's 
cover letter. 

Of course, the area where both Lasell 
and the United States really distinguish 





A Co-Chair Joan Howe Weber '51 

themselves, philanthropically speaking, is 
in giving by individuals. As generous as 
American foundations and businesses 
may seem, people like you and me 
account for the majority of money 
donated to Lasell College. In the U.S., 
individuals gave overall about $1 16 bil- 
lion in one year, according to the study! 

We believe the two critical factors in 
determining which of the myriad worthy 
causes to support are impact and effec- 
tiveness. Where can one's limited 
resources have the most impact on a 
cause you hold dear? Which charitable 
institutions will utilize your support 
most effectively? For us, and many others 
who have joined us in supporting the 
College during the Lasell 150 Campaign, 
we believe Lasell College meets these cri- 
teria. Education is, after all, the one 
investment that solves societal problems 
before they start. Lasell's unique "con- 
nected learning" paradigm coupled with 
its Center for Public Service provides 
students with both the means to obtain 
rewarding careers and a grounding in 
public values. If only all young adults 
could be armed with such tools! 

In addition, Lasell runs a tight ship. 
Unlike our competitors with larger 
endowments, Lasell College cannot 
afford to waste its modest financial 
resources — yet it has ambitious plans. 
Somehow, it manages to squeeze $1.01 
out of every dollar it receives. For us, 
supporting Lasell College is a good 
investment. We invite you to join us. 

A Birthday Surprise for 
Marguerite Boyd Greene '30 

Finding the appropriate present for 
your mother can often be a difficult task 
and, if it's her 90th birthday, the challenge 
becomes all the harder. "Ninety is a mile- 
stone year, so I wanted to give my mother 
something that was meaningful and par- 
ticular to her," explains Doug Greene, son 
of Marguerite Greene '30. "She's witnessed 
a lot in her lifetime, so I was looking for a 
gift that would reflect a part of her past 
but also have future relevance." 

When Mr. Greene learned of the nam- 
ing opportunities in the Winslow Hall 
Renovation Project, he and his wife, Janet, 
felt they were on to something. The first 
was gifting a 
Winslow faculty 
office in his 
mother's honor 
but when they 
learned of the 
Gardner House 
staircase alcove, 
they knew the fit 
was right. "It was 
the building my 
mother lived in 
during her sec- 
ond year at 
Lasell," explains 
Mr. Greene. 

"Knowing this and thinking of students 
relaxing, studying and sitting in an alcove 
named after her seemed just right." The 
space is one of the most beautiful on cam- 
pus. The intricately carved banister, wood 
paneling, and window seat lighted from 
above by stained glass windows makes this 
a unique and special spot. 

With the right gift picked, Mr. Greene 
proceeded to plan a memorable birthday 
party. He was determined to make it a sur- 
prise, "but it's hard to pull things over on 
her," he exclaimed. He called everyone 
directly on his carefully planned guest list 
and had wonderful responses including 
one of his mother's friends who said, "I'd 
come if I thought I could get my darn 
wheel chair up the steps you have there." 

On November 16, the day before Mrs. 
Greene's actual 90th, the family gathered 

in Defray, Florida, where the party was 
secretly scheduled from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. 
Having been brought downstairs under 
false pretenses, Mrs. Greene looked into 
the condominium's central courtyard and 
noted that there seemed to be a party in 
progress. "Let's go and see," urged Doug's 
wife, Janet. "Oh no, we can't go in there, 
we're not invited," Mrs. Greene replied 
firmly. When everyone turned around and 
she recognized all the faces, she realized 
that she had just been cast as the guest of 

When Mr. Greene told his mother of 
the gift that had been made in her name to 

Doug Greene with his mother, Marguerite Greene '30 on her 90th birthday. 

Lasell, "she was overwhelmed," he said. 
She was presented with a specially created 
certificate that acknowledged the gift, a 
birthday card from President de Witt, and 
a large Pokemon balloon from the College. 

Mrs. Greene, a loyal alumna, has made 
a practice of attending the March alumni 
meeting in Palm Beach, Florida. During 
her son's tenure as a trustee of Marietta 
College, she would frequently send him 
articles and news clippings reporting on 
the steps that President de Witt was taking 
to bring Lasell into the future in order to 
give him "ideas." 

The dedication for the Marguerite 
Boyd Greene '30 Staircase Alcove will be 
scheduled at a convenient time for the 
family. The College looks forward to shar- 
ing with Mrs. Greene in this special 
moment in her honor. 


1350 spring 2001 



Sesquicentennial Co-Chair 
Nancy Curtis Grellier '49 
Awaits the Celebration and 
Looks Beyond 

The planning and preparation for the 
four-day Sesquicentennial Celebration has 
been intense and now the series of special 
events is just about here. As the Lasell 150 
banners wave from all the campus build- 
ings, a feeling of anticipation hovers over the 
campus. The College's history deserves 
appropriate recognition and the bright 
future years need to be ushered in with 
appropriate content and spirit This is what 
the co-chairs of the Sesquicentennial 
Celebration Committee, Nancy Curtis 
Grellier '49, trustee, and Lela Graham Moses 
'61, overseer, have ensured will take place. 

The Lasell Village Convocation 
Ceremony on Thursday, May 17, at 3:00 
pjn., is the first event of the weekend. The 
speaker will be Loretta LaRoche, star of the 
popular PBS special: "How to Avoid 
Hardening of the Attitude." An evening of 
music and fun has been scheduled at the 
Boston Pops at 8:00 pjn. 

Friday's schedule includes convocations 
at two of LaselTs schools. The first will be at 
the School of Business & Information 
Technology at 10:00 a.m with speaker Ted 
Leonsis, President of America On-line 
Interactive Properties Group. Then at 2:00 
p.m. the School of Allied Health will hold its 
convocation with speaker Bonnie St John 
Deane, Olympic medalist in downhill skiing, 
author and corporate executive. That night 
there will be a delicious lobster bake/BBQ 
dinner with dancing. 

The Alumni Parade of Classes will lead 
off Saturday's events at 10:45 am., followed 
by President Thomas E. J. de Witt's State of 
the College address. The School of Arts and 
Sciences' convocation will take place at 3:00 
p.m. and best selling author Robert Parker is 
the speaker. That evening is the Gala 
Celebration Dinner where the sounds of the 
swing band, White Heat, will echo out over 
the Charles River at the Marriott HoteL 

Sunday's Commencement Ceremony 
will take place at 1 1:00 a.m. Former 
Governor of Texas, the Honorable Ann 
Richards, will speak, diplomas will be 
awarded, and honorary degrees will be con- 
ferred A luncheon and Tanglewood-style 
performance of the New Philharmonia 
Orchestra will follow and the celebration 
will draw to an end. 

"I encourage all alumni to return to 
campus, participate in as many of the 
Sesquicentennial events as possible and see 
what is happening on campus. The College 

▲ Sesquicentennial Co-Chair Nancy 
Curtis Grellier '49 

is a vibrant place that is experiencing a 
tremendous amount of growth, " says 
Nancy. "There are new, state-of-the-art 
classrooms in the Winslow Academic 
Center, a student population that has grown 
so fast that additional residence halls need to 
be constructed and many new and diverse 
courses offered." 

Lasell has long benefited from Nancy's 
campus involvement She has been a mem- 
ber of the Alumni Association's Board of 
Management since 1979, a Trustee since 
1990 and is now co-chair of the Celebration. 
It has not been a one way street In feet, she 
feels her connections with the College have 
given back to her a tremendous amount 
"I have seen Lasell grow from a two-year 
college into a viable four-year coeducational 
institution; with the completion of Lasell 
Village the community is truly intergenera- 
tionaL Students are doing practicums at the 
Holway Child Study Centers as well as tak- 
ing classes with Village residents." 

Growth is a specialty of Nancy's. She 
started WANT AD publications with her 
husband, Bill, in 1957. What started as a 
home-based business has grown, with 
Nancy as president and CEO, into a compa- 
ny that publishes two classified weekly mag- 
azines and has some 70 independent distrib- 
utors. She has done all this while raising four 
children and being very active in her local 

"One thing I've learned is that the job is 
never done," says Nancy. "It's very impor- 
tant to keep LaselTs forward momentum 
going beyond the Sesquicentennial 
Celebration. We must think of what the 
next steps should be and all alumni need to 
stay or become involved." The last 150 years 
are but the beginning and on May 17-20 the 
College will step into its future. 

Lasell Meets Kresge 
Foundation Challenge 
Grant Ahead of Schedule 

What is even more exciting than receiv- 
ing the first Kresge Foundation Challenge 
Grant at Lasell? Raising the money and 
meeting the challenge eight months ahead of 
schedule! In March of 2000, Lasell College 
received a $400,000 challenge grant in sup- 
port of the Winslow Hall renovation project. 
Winslow Hall, now the Winslow Academic 
Center, built in 1937, has undergone a trans- 
formation into seven high-technology class- 
rooms, 13 faculty offices and a beautiful atri- 
um-style student lounge. After the first year 
of coeducation, Lasell experienced accelerat- 
ed enrollment growth, and it became appar- 
ent that additional classrooms and faculty 
office space were needed. Although the reno- 
vation of Winslow Hall was not part of the 
original Campaign objectives, the trustees 
decided to add this project as the capstone of 
the Capital Campaign. 

Lasell raised $748,548 for the Winslow 
project before it received the Kresge 
Challenge Grant. Under the terms of the 
Challenge Grant, in order to receive the 
$400,000 from the Kresge Foundation, Lasell 
had to raise an additional $1,550,452 in new 
and increased gifts by June 30, 2001. 

Lasell actually met the Kresge Challenge 
at the time of its annual meeting of the 
Board of Trustees, Board of Overseers, and 
Corporators on October 12, 2000. A second 
gift, in the amount of $10,000 from 
Overseers Jo-ann Vojir Massey '51 and her 
husband Dwight, pushed Lasell over the goal 
at that meeting. 

While this was an exciting accomplish- 
ment, the College had eight months to go in 
its $15 million Capital Campaign. The 
Development Committee of the Board of 
Trustees discussed the possibility of fully 
funding the Winslow Project as its legacy to 
the College. At the time Lasell submitted its 
proposal to Kresge in September 1999, the 
total project cost for the Winslow 

Renovation was $3.2 million. However, the 
commitment to the Kresge Foundation was 
to raise a total of $2.7 million, with the 
remaining $500,000 coming from the 
College's operating budget and/or reserves. 

With the completion of the Winslow 
renovation, the actual contracted cost 
was somewhat higher than estimated. The 
revised project cost, $3,336,234, yielded a 
difference of $136,234. 

The Development Committee voted to 
raise the additional $636,234 to fully fund 
the Winslow project, thereby allowing the 
money allocated in the College's operating 
budget to be used for other critical projects 
on campus. For example, although Lasell just 
brought a 116-bed, suite-style residence hall 
on line this fall, the College is already short of 
beds for this next academic year. Enrollment, 
retention and the number of students want- 
ing to live on campus is at a 28-year high. 
Although the additional $600,000 will not 
pay for the cost of building another residence 
hall, it will help to get the project underway 
by freeing dollars from the operating budget 
currently earmarked for Winslow. 

In the context of the larger Campaign goal 
of $15 million, the Kresge Foundation Chal- 
lenge Grant has helped propel the College 
beyond the overall goal. Lasell has raised 
more than $17 million as of this writing. 

Lasell is grateful to everyone who has 
already supported the Campaign and the 
Kresge Challenge, especially the Trustees 
who responded to a challenge from Trustee 
Joan Weiler Arnow '49 and her husband 
Overseer Robert Arnow, to consider second 
gifts to support the Winslow project. 

We will be celebrating the success of both 
the Kresge Challenge and the Capital 
Campaign during our Sesquicentennial cele- 
bration in May 2001. 


As of October 2000: 

As of March 2001: 


$15+ million 


$17+ million 


24 [J^ spring 2001